Marching Southerners

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What in the world is that thing?
It's a 20J.

The Conn 20J Upright Recording Bass is the full name of the tubas used by the Jacksonville State University Marching Southerners. Although used on the field, the 55 lb horns are actually concert instruments. This gives the Marching Southerners its famous, deep-bass sound.

"Who is crazy enough to strap on a 55 lb instrument, and march all over a football field for 10 minutes at a time," you say?

We are.'s not just an instrument...

Marching Southerners 20J's

2010 Season Information

Lauren Lingerfelt and Matt "Jeeves" Weaver can answer all you questions about the upcoming season. Are you ready? If you haven't talked to them already, send us a quick e-mail!

Also check out our INFO page for frequently asked questions.

Check out the Marching Southerners 2011 production, Fire and Ice.

2011 Band Camp Information and Registration

What's goin' on here?!
E-mail me with questions, comments, or requests relating to the website or the 20J's in general. I might not have the answer, but I can probably direct you to someone that does.

Matt "Jeeves" Weaver
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